Cowboy Antique Brass Twist Pen

Old Mill Pens

$ 24.99 


The American cowboy lives what he believes, and does not worry about conforming to anyone's mold.

At the same time, a cowboy is a man of substance, strength and courage.

The cowboy symbols on this pen are evidence of the real culture of hard work, horsemanship, and individualism.

A replica of a tooled leather boot on top of the clip is the ultimate symbol of this American icon.

The interlocking horseshoes around the center band are symbol of luck.

While the stars throughout the pen design are a nod to the sheriffs of the Wild West, and stand for law, and order and good will.

You don't need to be a Cowboy to appreciate this pen; the symbolism o Cowboy and the Wild West is admired throughout the world.

Parker style refill.

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