A little about me and my shop:

My 'shop' is my garage on Old Mill Road in Cedar Park, TX. I handcraft your pens by turning wood and acrylic blanks to exact measurements to fit the finest hardware.

Many times I stray from the recommendations so that I may combine craftsmanship with a little artistry which always will leave you with a truly unique, one-of-a-kind item. My quest is to create handmade items of intrinsic value and craftsmanship. Crafting unique and one-of-a kind heirlooms takes time but in the end, the result is an exceptionally exquisite and beautiful item.

Like an artist who starts out with a blank canvas and a pallet of paint or a song writer who assembles cords and lyrics I hope to always provide you with an item that provides a boost of confidence and a lasting memory.

My 'day job' I play the part of a software architect for a large company in Austin. Prior to that I was the lead programmer for Lawtrac and even before that I was a senior non-commissioned officer in the United States Army. [more]

Most evenings and weekends you can find me with my garage door open working on my next rendition of unique writing utensil. I have a table set-up with displaying recent works which are available for purchase. The monies only go to help extend my pallet of exotic woods and wonderful colors.

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